About Greennet


  • Greennet is having world class technology, latest Designs, engineering & production of agricultural covered structures for Hi-Tech Agriculture.
  • Hi-Experienced Engineering staff to achieve optimizing Technology standards.
  • Custumized designs to suit and meet climatic as well as Environmental area of specified crop.
  • Installation of irrigation, Fertigation & Automatic control on systems.
  • provides suitable climatic conditions to plants to yield more and have disease free environment.
  • Protection to agriculture from fluctuation and sudden change in environment, insects, birds & animals.
  • Ability to control pest, humidity, stealth & protects your plants from adverse weather conditions.
  • Controlled climatic environment in agriculture.
  • help Hi-Tech farming to farmers by availing world class and latest technology.

Greennet Advantage

  • Superior quality
  • world class latest design and technology
  • Installation, operations of irrigation & fertigation system.
  • Automatic control on irrigation and fertigation systems.
  • Skilled engineering staff support in feasibility study, site selection, project report and operations.
  • Design fabrication and installation of greenhouse in different climatic conditions, environment areas according to need.
  • Carbon-di-oxide trap management technology.
  • Healthy and protected atmosphere to grow more, healthy crop increasing in yield.
  • Crop cultivating guidance experts advice & farming solutions.
  • Network of farmers.
  • Easily reconstruction of structure to another site.
  • Farmer's satisfaction priority.


1119, 5th Cross,
kanbargi Industrial Area,
Belgaum - 590 016.

Phone: +91-8088076006
E-mail: greennet@live.in